The newest products in the shop are these odd little bags called Sock Knots. Have you been wondering what they are? They’re self-closing bags, also known as Japanese knot bags. They’re called Sock Knots because they are just the right size for a single skein project like socks or even a small shawlette. They’re project bags for knitting or crochet but they also make great wristlets or even gift bags!

Sock Knots are great for on the go knitting/crocheting. Just slip the long handle on your wrist and you’re off! Use them f0r walking the dog, on the bus, or on a plane. Wherever you go, Sock Knots will keep your project handy.

Every Sock Knot is hand made and they’re fully reversible too. They’re made of quilting cotton, a light fabric that comes in a wide variety of fun colors and prints. Each bag is one of a kind but if you just have to have a certain fabric combination let us know and we’ll do our best to make that happen! They currently only come in one size but larger bags are in the works. So keep an eye out for Shawl Knots, coming soon!