Hello all! It’s been some time since I added a new post but I felt like sharing some of the new things I’ve been experimenting with! I’m definitely more active on Instagram and Facebook so be sure to follow me there as well!

First up, I’ve started offering minis! I’ve done minis in the past by special request but I know have a mini kit available of my Seven Cardinal Skeins colorways. They’re a fun colorful spin on the seven sins. I currently have them available on Twist Sock as 25 gram minis for a total of 175 grams and 700 yards per kit. I may offer it on other bases in future as well. Additionally I may even wind up some minis of my usual colorways as well to offer at some upcoming fiber festivals. Check out the events page to learn more!

I’m also going to start offering a new product I call Yarn Pockets! They’re like fabric yarn bowls with snaps at the top to keep your ball or cake of yarn safe and in place! They work for both center pull cakes (even if you like to pull from the outside of the cake) and hand wound balls. These comfortably fit a 100g ball or cake. I may try to create a mini pocket as well for 50 gram cakes! You may have seen these at my booth before. I never really made very many of them but I’m working on having several for my upcoming shows.

I just started dyeing sock blanks as well! Look for a post concerning sock blanks in the new future. Spoiler alert: they’re way fun!