Dyed to Order on Smooth Sock


Select what colorway you would like to have dyed just for you on our Smooth Sock base!

In stock quantity is based on how much bare yarn is available.

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Dyed to order on Smooth Sock

Additional information
Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 3.5 × 3 in
Yarn Category



4-ply: 75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon


463 yd

Needle Sizes

US: 1-3

Hook Sizes



Machine wash gentle cycle, lay flat to dry


Amethyst Ore, Archery, Ashes Of The Phoenix, Avocado Toast, Baby Duck, Biota, Bird Friend, Black Of Heart, Bunch of Pansies, Bundle of Joy, Chaotic, Camaraderie, Da Ba Dee, Davy Jones Locker, Dead North, Defying Gravity, Ectoplasm, Embrace the Source, Empathy, Fauna, Felix, Flora, Flying Purple People Eater, Forest Spirit, Forget The Tinsel, Glittering Gold, Gratuitous, Green Eyed Monster, Grey Lady, Hallmark Holiday, House Tiger, Hubba Hubba, Hubris, Hundreds and Thousands, Hundredth, Idiom, Imagination, In The Park, Investigation, It's Not A Phase Mom, Kaboom, Lapis Lazuli, Lovely Lavender, Nap Queen, Nessie, Nobility, O’Tanenbaum, Om Nom Nom, Pesky Pixie, Plantlet, Popular, Possession, Prismania, Redstone, Roller Rink, Seeing Red, Seize the Source, She Likes My Spark, Snowy Owl, Sparkler, Spice Rack, Sprites, Surf's Up, Symbiotic, Technicolor Kittens, Treasure Detector, Troll Bogeys, Turbo, Turning Violet, What's In A Name

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